Friday, 10 October 2014

Great Pumpkin Metric 2014...

Candace and I cycled in our first organised cycle ride in Indiana last Sunday. (5th October.) It was the Great Pumpkin Metric and was organised by the Evansville Bicycle Club. There were three routes to choose from - 100 kms/62 miles, 50 kms/31 miles or 25 kms/15.5 miles. Candace and I did the medium route and really enjoyed cycling through beautiful scenery in chilly 7 deg C or 45 deg F weather!

It was interesting to note that the roads weren't closed, there wasn't an official start time - just any time between 8am and 10am - and there were no point marshals. Instead, we followed painted markers on the road. Definitely a change from what I'm used to in South Africa. It was definitely a fun ride and the emphasis was on enjoying the scenery and the atmosphere as opposed to racing. There was free food and drink at the water stops and even live jazz music too!

We cycled through lovely scenery including corn fields and soy bean fields, and some dense forests too. It was quite an undulating course with lots of rolling hills through the countryside. When we reached the finish all riders enjoyed a free pasta bar with chilli and spaghetti on offer. It was a lovely day's outing in Evansville!

 Sunrise before we left home for Evansville.
 Candace and I before we started.
 The first water stop - complete with corn hole games.
 Nifty Schwinn bike.
 Jazz band at one of the water stops.
 Another refreshment station.
 Lots of snacks to eat. :-)
 This water stop was sponsored by a skiing company.
 Candace on the home stretch!

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