Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Gender Reveal Party...

We had our gender reveal party on Sunday, 26th July. Candace and her friend Mindi made amazing cupcakes the day before. The cupcakes had either blue or pink icing inside - to signify if we were having a boy or a girl.

We invited Candace's family round for a bring and braai in the late afternoon. We enjoyed good family time - including guessing games. Most of the family thought we were having a girl. But the inside of the cupcake was blue... We're having a little baby boy!

 Writing on the path to the front door.
 Braaiing the meat.
 Braaiing the toasted sandwiches.
 Family enjoying the bring and braai.
 Team Pink - those who thought we were having a girl.
 Team Blue - the winning team! :)
 Votes from South Africa and the USA.
 Inside the cupcake.
 With our blackboard sign.
 Beautiful sunset that evening.
 Another lovely sunset photo.
Pretty reflections in the pond. :)

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