Friday, 4 September 2015


Having flown above the valley in the morning, Jess took Candace and I out to Cascadia in the afternoon. This is where Candace's mother's family grew up. It was really cool seeing the Short Covered Bridge over the South Fork of the Santiam River, as well as Cascadia Bible Church where Candace's grandpa was pastor. We also visited the final resting place of Candace's great-grandparents in a cemetery at Sweet Home.

 Evidence of a dust devil on our drive to Cascadia.
 Dust devil in a field near Albany.
 Dutch Bros Coffee make amazing coffee.
 Candace's great-grandparent's former home near Sweet Home.
 Entering Sweet Home.
 On the outskirts of Cascadia.
 Cascadia Bible Church in Oregon.
 Church building.
 Inside the church.
 Heading to the Short Covered Bridge.
 The famous bridge in Cascadia.
 Looking down at the South Santiam River.
 The bridge from the river bed.
 This was once the school but was destroyed by fire several years ago.
 Anyone fancy an airport fire tender?
 The cemetery at Sweet Home.
Candace's great-grandparent's final resting place.

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