Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Spring Mill Again...

Candace and I went with friends to Spring Mill State Park on a hot and humid Monday, 13th July. It was our second time there in a little over a month and we really enjoyed spending time hiking and picnicking with friends. Here are some photos from our Spring Mill adventure - which included me almost stepping on a Copperhead snake!

 Inquisitive grey squirrel.
 One of the rivers near the Mill.
 Lots of recent rain meant that the waters were quite high.
 The lovely old mill with its water-wheel.
 Wasp or hornet's nest on the outside of the mill.
 One of the other pretty buildings.
 We walked up to where the water is fed along the channel to the water-wheel.
 Little waterfall.
 We then hiked up the valley to Donaldson Cave.
 Red-eared slider sunning itself.
 A pile of river trash... But if you look closely you'll see a Northern Banded Watersnake! (Under on the lower right of the pile of twigs and sticks.)
 Geese on the river.
 Hot and humid in the forest.
 Approaching Donaldson Cave.
 Our friends the Maleys.
 I was about to step on these rocks when I looked down and saw a Copperhead! He's visible here retreating under the rocks in the centre of the shot.
 Blue Jay in the trees.
 We also walked up the other side to Hamer Cave where the water comes to feed the mill.
 The dam near Hamer Cave.
Water cascading over the dam wall.

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Erin said...

Lovely photos... This was such a fun day! :)