Sunday, 5 June 2016

Parke County, Indiana...

We recently spent a day in beautiful Parke County, two hours north of our home. We visited a number of attractions during our visit, and I will be blogging about these in the next few posts. Our primary reason for visiting Parke County was Turkey Run State Park - but we also spent time in Shades State Park and saw a few of the county's 31 covered bridges.

Our first stop in Parke County was Mansfield. This is the location of the Mansfield Roller Mill, a large water-powered mill, and the Mansfield Covered Bridge. Mansfield is also where the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival is held every October.

 Mansfield Roller Mill.
 The large water-wheel.
 The dam on Big Racoon Creek.
Mansfield Covered Bridge as seen from the mill.

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