Thursday, 30 June 2016

Summer Storm...

Two weeks ago a ferocious storm blew in from the north-west. It knocked down trees, caused power failures, blew furniture and unsecured items around outside, and caused major flooding in the area. We got about four inches (ten centimetres) of rain in less than an hour!

Candace was at work at the time, and I had Riaan asleep in the carrier when the storm hit. Along with Rusty, we sat on the floor behind our couch while the storm raged outside. It hit our barn with such force that brooms and mops leaning against the wall inside fell to the ground! Here are some photos of the aftermath of this severe event.

 View of the flooding from our top window.
 Flooded lawn.
 Windswept plants.
 Furniture and other items blown off the porch.
 The green sandpit has been moved across the porch and has lost its lid...
 ... Which came to rest in a soybean field a fair distance away.
 The pond was very full.
 It's water outlet was working overtime to keep the pond from overflowing!
 Flooding on the gravel road that runs past our place.
 Probably not the best day for a cycle. :)
 Flooding is still evident as I drove along the roads the next day
 Flooded field.
Uprooted trees.

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