Thursday, 9 June 2016

Turkey Run State Park...

After visiting Shades State Park, we drove across to Turkey Run State Park. Here we enjoyed a picnic lunch before going for a lovely hike along Sugar Creek and through the winding canyons and ravines. It was a really great visit to beautiful Parke County!

 Entrance to Turkey Run State Park.
 Picnic for lunch.
 Downy Woodpecker and Red-headed Woodpecker.
 Blue Jay.
 Approaching the pedestrian suspension bridge over Sugar Creek.
 Sugar Creek.
 The suspension bridge.
 Candace (and Riaan) holding up the overhanging cliff.
 Walking along a muddy road.
 Signs of woodpeckers.
 Fungi growing on the trees.
 Cute little chipmunk.
 Walking through pretty scenery.
 Wedge Rock in the canyon.
The other side of Wedge Rock. It's split open like a flower.
Family photo at Turkey Run.

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