Sunday, 3 December 2017

Christmas Parade in Washington...

We were in Washington for their Christmas Stroll on Main Street last Saturday. (25th November.) That was followed by the Christmas Parade, and we stayed for this special occasion. There were many interesting, Christmas floats taking place in the parade. Riaan loved seeing all of them! :)

 Riaan and I went on a carriage ride before the parade.
 Beautiful weather in Washington.
 Selfie on our carriage ride.
 Watching the parade later in the evening.
 Police cars lead the way.
 Armed forces marching.
 It's a little train! Riaan loved it!
 Fire engines.
 Lots of fire and other rescue vehicles.
USPS postal van decorated in lights.
 Another pretty display.
 One of the Christmas floats.
Riaan had a blast!

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