Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Whitewater Memorial State Park...

Back in 2016 we had set ourselves a goal to visit all of Indiana's State Parks. We didn't set ourselves any specific time-frame, but I always thought it would be cool to visit all of them inside of 24 months - since there are, after all, 24 Indiana State Parks. And on the 26th November, we accomplished this goal. We visited Whitewater Memorial State Park, near Liberty, Indiana, and have now been blessed to have visited all of Indiana's State Parks - inside of 22 months. :) We had a lovely picnic lunch and then went for a scenic hike on the Veteran's Vista trail. It was another great day in outdoor Indiana!

 Entrance sign.
 Antique carriage near the saddlebarn.
 Heading to the picnic tables near Whitewater Lake.
 Having a lovely picnic lunch.
 Riaan loves nature!
 Walking on the beach.
 Very happy about this! :)
 Riaan having fun in the playground.
 Brookville Lake was closed and drained to allow the waterfowl to rest for the winter.
 Gulls in the distance.
 Sandhill cranes fly overhead.
 Heading off on our hike.
 Lovely colours in the forest.
 Another pretty trail.
 Chipmunk enjoying a snack.
 Turkey feather seen - and left behind - on our walk.
 X marks the spot.
 Funny Daddy!
 Riaan's turn!
 Scenic view over Whitewater Lake.

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