Sunday, 17 December 2017

Riaan's Second Birthday...

Our little boy turned two on the 7th of December. It is amazing to think that he is no longer a baby, but a fully mobile - and talkative - little boy! We celebrated as a family on his birthday and then had a swimming party at the Abe Martin Lodge at Brown County State Park last Sunday, 10th December. Riaan had a lot of fun swimming and spending time with all of his family and friends! :) He has changed so much since last year!

 Opening presents on the morning of his birthday.
 Reading one of his presents to him.
 Playing with his new Duplo train.
 Abe Martin Lodge at Brown County State Park.
 The indoor water-park is awesome!
 Relaxing in one of the public areas of the hotel.
 Time for birthday cake!
 Monster bar cookies.
 Rainbow cake!
 Enjoying his birthday cake.
 Unwrapping presents.
Friends enjoying fellowship together.

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