Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Christmas Dinner...

We celebrated our own little Christmas dinner on the 26th of December, since Candace was working on Christmas Day. We started the day by opening presents and having (fruit) mince pies with brandy butter at tea-time. We then had a lovely roast chicken and vegetables in the early evening. I even made my mom's stuffing recipe from South Africa. :) It is a great new tradition we're starting together. 

 Rusty getting a new chew toy for Christmas. :)
 Opening presents.
 Showing off his two bottom teeth!
 Brandy butter and mince pies.
 Mince pies, yum!
 Making stuffing.
 The roast in the oven.
 First time I've ever cooked a whole chicken. It turned out really well!
The table set and ready... And Riaan waiting for his food! :)

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