Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Terre Haute Children's Museum...

We went to the Terre Haute Children's Museum in the last week of December. Candace's parents and nieces and nephews came with too, and we had a fun day at this exciting museum. The children's museum focuses on science experiments and displays, as well as plenty of activities and games to keep little ones (and adults) happy. Riaan also enjoyed the visit - especially the water zone! We highly recommend the Terre Haute Children's Museum! :)

 Tyrannosaurus Rex replica skeleton in festive gear.
 There was a huge tree house.
 View looking down at other activities.
 Lighting up lights by pedalling a bike.
 Measuring how much electricity is in the human body.
Farming display.
Combine harvester.
 Riaan and I in the water area.
 He loved it!
 Candace and Riaan looking at a whirlpool.
 A giant bubble surrounds a person when you pull the rope inside.
 Reading the weather report.
 Top level of the museum.
Other interesting activities.

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