Thursday, 26 January 2017

Winter Hike...

We joined our good friends, the Maleys, in having a picnic lunch and a fun winter hike at Shakamak State Park recently. We hiked through forest and passed an old coal mine before the trail came back out on the banks of Lake Shakamak. As we walked along the water's edge two bald eagles soared low over our heads. It was definitely a highlight for me. We were able to spot them sitting in an old tree later in the day. :)

 Hiking along the trail.
 The abandoned coal mine.
 Walking through the wintry landscape.
 Following the trail along Lake Shakamak.
 Crossing the slippery boardwalk.
 Lake Shakamak.
 Searching for the bald eagles.
 A better vantage point was the causeway between the two lakes.
 Lake Kickapoo.
 The older bald eagle sitting in a tree across the lake.
It was soon joined by the juvenile bald eagle.

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