Wednesday, 23 August 2017

2017 Odon Old Settlers...

The 132nd Annual Odon Old Settlers festival kicked off with a parade through Odon on Thursday, 3rd August. Old Settlers celebrates the founding of the little town and is held at the Odon Park early each August. There are carnival rides, food and drink stalls, and an arts and crafts competition.

We walked in the parade to create awareness for the Children's Charity 5km Fun Run being held in Odon this October. Here are some photos from the parade. Riaan had a lot of fun seeing all the big trucks, fire engines, and of course the horses!

 Candace's Grandpa's 1931 Model A Tractor was in the parade.
 Side view of the tractor.
 Candace (and Riaan) having a chat with the ambulance crew who helped save her life back in December 2015.
 Enjoying all the big fire engines and tankers.
 Fire tanker vehicle.
 Lots of antique tractors took part as well.
 A big off-road truck.
 Pet adoption advocates were there too.
 Riaan enjoyed patting this little pony.
And then he loved playing soccer with his ball at the park! :)

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