Friday, 11 August 2017

Versailles State Park...

We arrived safely at Versailles State Park after visiting Charlestown State Park earlier in the day. (Saturday, 15th July.) We visited the small nature centre and hiked the Fallen Timber Creek Trail, which follows a small creek up a valley. Riaan particularly enjoyed this trail, since there were lots of little rock pools filled with fish and tadpoles.

We then visited the dam wall and drove across the Busching Covered Bridge nearby, before heading back home. It was a very full day spent exploring some of Indiana's history as well as the beauty of nature!

 The Nature Centre at Versailles State Park.
 Riaan loved the fish!
 Looking at the other displays.
 Butterfly and bird viewing area.
 Lake Versailles.
 Riaan and I hiking on the trail.
 It used to be an old road for horse and carts.
 Fallen Timber Creek.
 Freshwater crayfish.
 A large tadpole in the creek.
 A lovely rock pool.
 Riaan loved it!
 Fossils on the creek bed.
 Looking down from the dam wall.
 The dam wall at Lake Versailles.
 Riaan enjoying the view at the top.
 The Park Office.
 Civilian Conservation Corp statue outside the Park Office.
Busching Covered Bridge.

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