Saturday, 30 September 2017

Fun at the Beach...

After our visit with our Mercy Ships friends, we drove back towards Valparaiso. South of South Haven, on the shores of Lake Michigan, we found a lovely little beach where Riaan enjoyed playing in the sand and splashing. After a short time there, we carried on our journey and stopped to get ice-cream in St Joseph. We ended the day safely back in Valparaiso, where we took Riaan to the awesome ValPlayso play park for children. Riaan had a blast there and loved all the play equipment! We had a great time in northern Indiana and south-west Michigan!

 Walking down to the beach.
 Riaan loved running back and forth into the water.
 The Dairy Korner, where we bought yummy ice-cream.
 Riaan shared our ice-cream. Yum!
 Heavy skies as we drive south towards Valparaiso.
 ValPlayso is all things amazing for little kids. :) Riaan loved it!

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