Thursday, 14 September 2017

Indiana State Fair 2017...

Candace and I had been wanting to go to the Indiana State Fair, held in Indianapolis each August, for several years since I arrived in 2014. This year, we finally had our opportunity! We went up on one of the $2 Tuesdays (8th August), which makes it really affordable and accessible, and had a lovely time walking around the huge Indiana State Fair. There were all types of food stalls and different displays and interesting exhibits.

Riaan especially enjoyed the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) building, because they had lots of types of fish in small aquariums. (The DNR operate all the State Parks in Indiana.) They also had butterflies and other animal exhibits. We also visited the 4-H building with all of the amazing projects and creations submitted by school children from around the state. It was a great day visiting the excellent Indiana State Fair!

 Entering the State Fair.
 Lego exhibit.
 Awesome detail on the Lego farm!
 Riaan loved the Duplo. :)
 Meeting a camel...
 And a little zebra!
 Feeding some goats. :)
 Indiana Historical Society.
 DNR building.
 Saying hello to Smokey the Bear.
 Meeting a rat snake.
 Paddling on the river.
 Heading into the Butterfly Garden.
 Riaan loves owls these days.
 4-H Exhibit Hall and Auditorium.
 More intricate Lego designs.
 Many interesting creations here.
 Walking over the covered bridge.
 Tractors pulling wagons of people around the fair grounds.
 Mobile Storm Tracker vehicle.
 Right to Life stand.
A tired-out boy after an exciting day at the State Fair!

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