Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Great American Solar Eclipse...

We were excited to be able to witness the Great American Solar Eclipse on Monday, 21st August 2017. Our area had about 96% coverage and so we stayed home and watched the eclipse from our back garden. I made a cardboard solar projector out of a cereal box for the event, and we also had some solar glasses that we were given to us at the Indiana State Fair. It didn't get too dark with 96% coverage, but we could definitely feel it getting cooler and the light took on an eerie murky brown tint. You can see a mirror image of the eclipse on the cloud in the picture here - below the real deal. It was quite something to watch!

 My cereal box viewer.
 The eclipse as seen through my phone. You can see the solar eclipse projected in the sky below the real sun.
 Riaan was more interested in going for a ride with his new friend Cooper!
The atmosphere took on a slightly eerie feeling.

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