Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Little Checkers Supermarket...

Checkers is a large supermarket chain in South Africa and it recently ran a promotion whereby if you spent a certain amount of money on a shop then you would receive a part of your own toy Checkers shop - so that, in time, you could create a complete Little Checkers supermarket of your own!

My parents - and other family members - do much grocery shopping at Checkers and were able to build up a near-complete supermarket, which my Mom brought here for Riaan and Eliza. It is compatible with Lego and we had so much fun assembling it - and playing with it - on Tuesday, 10th September! It's really cool and full marks to Checkers on running this awesome promotion!

 Both kiddos loved building it.
 The details are fantastic.
 Butchery, bakery and fresh produce section.
Riaan playing with the complete set.

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