Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Everything's bigger in Texas...

Some general information and my thoughts on living in Texas.

State tree: Pecan Tree
State flower: Blue-Bonnet
State bird: Mockingbird

Everything seems to be so much bigger here in the USA. The cars are bigger, and the cities (Dallas being my only point of reference) are bigger. But more than the size of everything is the opulence of it all. America may be in a recession and there may be many job losses, but it is still a far cry from South Africa. I see wealth and plenty everywhere. In a sense this turns my stomach because I come from a land where, yes, there is wealth, but you do see poverty everywhere you go. You can't escape it. Here I feel as if you can escape it, and this makes me uncomfortable. I could never live in an area where there is so much plenty. It is just not me.

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