Saturday, 20 June 2009

Travelling to Texas...

Sorry about the delayed update, but things have been very busy here in Dallas. So with that being said let me start back at the beginning: My flights from Cape Town. On Monday (15th June), I left Cape Town on South African Airways flight SA 0220 bound for London Heathrow. The flight was uneventful, albeit long (over 12 hours), and we landed early the next morning (Tuesday) in London.

I then entered Britain and took the tube from Heathrow to Green Park where I met my old friend from high school, Mark. We had breakfast in the park and it was lovely to catch up. Mark had to get to work and so I spent an hour or more wandering in the beautiful park. I also walked across to Buckingham Palace. I love the history of London: it's so rich!

I then caught the tube back to Heathrow and passed security and customs and a few hours later boarded United Airlines UA 0959 bound for Chicago O'Hare. This flight was quite stressful as we were delayed leaving the airport, and then made up time on the flight itself, only to be delayed again by a major storm in Chicago. So we were placed in a holding pattern over the Great Lakes. We finally landed in a heavy rainstorm nearly an hour late, at around 19h00 local time.

This added pressure to me for my connecting (and final) flight to Dallas Fort Worth. But praise God customs and immigration went really smooth and soon I was sitting waiting to board the delayed (due to rain) flight UA 0481 to Dallas. We ended up landing an hour late in Dallas Fort Worth and a very weary Murray emerged from the airport, to be met by my lovely friend Lisa (from the ship last year). She drove me to her family home in Richardson, Texas. I was asleep almost as soon as my head touched the pillow.

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