Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Farewell Dallas, Hello Mercy Ships...

This past Saturday Lisa drove me a short distance to a little restaurant just off a large Interstate Highway and there Jamie and Kelly, both fellow Gateway participants, picked me up and after I had thanked Lisa and said goodbye, the three of us headed down to the Mercy Ships International Operations Centre. It was a really quick drive through.

The campus itself is in a wonderful wooded setting with plenty of shade and activities to do. I am in the main family dorm where I have an entire room to myself. It's great.

Saturday afternoon we had registration followed by orientation and ice-breaker type games and those were a lot of fun. We also introduced ourselves and got to share our stories. It's awesome to hear how God has brought us all to this point in our lives. I love hearing testimonies. The wonderful tone that was set on Saturday continued on Sunday with more orientation. We also got to swim in the pool and explore the surrounding areas. It was a great weekend.

Today the course itself started and it was a great day of learning. I feel so blessed to be here and I already know God is going to do wonderful things over the next few weeks! Stay posted for more...

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