Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I've arrived!

This is just to say that after nearly 40-hours of travels after leaving Cape Town on Monday, I am now safely in Dallas, Texas. All my bags came through just fine and I am now relaxing at my Mercy Ships friend Lisa's place. I was so thankful to have a familiar face meet me at the airport at midnight last night! My mind is feeling completely disconnected from my body but I'm guessing that's just the jetlag... More coming soon! (I'll hopefully post a more detailed description of my travels later tonight.)


megan petock said...

glad to hear your safe!
Welcome to America :)

nursebecca said...

Hey Murray! Welcome to Texas! You should come by the base sometime before Friday night! Jamie and Kelly have told me how great you are and I wanted to meet you before Africa...unfortunately, I won't be doing Gateway until September, so stop by! Some of my favorite people are from South Africa and I intend to add you to that list :) ~Rebecca

Murray Tristan Crawford said...

Thanks Meg and Becca! It's great to be here... And I'm sorry Becca, but I've planned to come to the base on Saturday morning... Sorry about that! But will definitely see you on the ship then!