Friday, 20 August 2010

Academy Sports Talk...

While we are slowly making our way towards South Africa, the Academy, the school onboard the Africa Mercy, have organised a number of South African presentations for the students. These have focused on facets of SA culture, from the flag and national anthem to the languages spoken and sports played in South Africa.

This past Wednesday I was invited to the Academy to give a talk to the elementary students on the sports that are played in South Africa. I brought my Springbok rugby jersey, my Proteas cricket jersey, and my Bafana Bafana soccer jersey, along with my rugby ball, cricket ball and cycling helmet and gloves. And of course I had my vuvuzela which the children enjoyed seeing and hearing!

The talk itself went very well and the children enjoyed hearing all about the various sports played within South Africa. They also enjoyed hearing how South African's great patriotism and common support for sports events hosted in SA have helped unify the nation.

It was a privilege to be able to share a bit with the Academy and to see the great work that our teachers do with the children. They really are a blessing to the crew!

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