Saturday, 14 August 2010

Fufu Dinner...

This last Wednesday the Purser and Reception team went out for dinner to honour our day volunteer and translator, Epiphanie, who has served alongside us throughout the Togo Field Service. We went out to a restaurant of her choosing and enjoyed a meal of fufu together.

Fufu is made of mashed yams and is eaten with some form of meat and a spicy sauce. I had goat's meat with fufu. It was my first time eating the traditional West African dish and it was really good, reminding me a little bit of a traditional South African dish, pap (similar to fufu, but made with maize) and wors (sausage).

It was great to get off the ship as a team and enjoy time away from the work environment. However, it was sad to say farewell to Epiphanie as Thursday was her last day at work. Here are some more photos of this fun evening.

James, Epiphanie, Annette.

Johan, Heather, Epiphanie, Ani.

Rob and I.

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