Thursday, 12 August 2010

Ready for sailing...

The ship is fueled, the Hospital is closed and the wards have been packed away, the dockside tents have been stowed onboard, the vehicles are in the process of being loaded, the At-Sea muster lists are up and the drills have started.

Yes, the end of the Field Service is upon us. We sail shortly to South Africa - and it is a strange feeling. Bitter-sweet, would be the way to describe it. Of course I am over the moon about sailing to my home nation. But this feeling is mixed with a heavy heart as we say farewell to our friends here in Togo. It has been a pleasure being docked in Lome and I will miss this place dearly.

That being said here are some photos thanks to one of our Dining Room crew members, Sean Kerr, that give a glimpse into an important part of our sail preparation - loading the Land Rovers.

First the vehicle is driven into a support attached to the crane far above.

It is then secured by the Deckies and lifted up to Deck 8.

And up it goes!

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