Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lifeboat Tests...

As I watched from high up on Deck 8 two tugs approached the Africa Mercy and lines were secured to the bow and stern of the Mercy Ship. The ship was pulled just clear of the dock as the tugs took the strain... Are we finally departing South African shores?

No, it was not time for us to leave Durban just yet. However, it was time for our starboard lifeboats to be lowered away and taken for their five-year safety inspections. This happened last Wednesday (19th January) and the two tugs sent by Transnet (the South African National Port Authority) had to pull the ship clear of the dock in order for us to get the two boats safely away.

It was a complicated procedure, which was potentially dangerous, but praise God all went smoothly and soon our two starboard boats were safely motoring up the river to be taken away for their tests.

Here are some more photos from this procedure.

One of the tugs approaches.

The forward end of the ship is pulled clear to allow the boats down.

Safely down, the boats head up the river.

And nearly out of sight.

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