Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Return to life...

Let me first start by apologising for the blog silence over the past few days. It is largely due to the fact that work has hit me at a frenetic pace. I am now back onboard the Africa Mercy and continuing to work as the Assistant Purser while overseeing the training of a number of new receptionists who have joined the team.

Reception and the Purser's office are now fully functional onboard the vessel. I wanted to have things up and running in these departments (on the ship) first-thing in the New Year, since there certainly won't be any time for training or setting-up Reception when everyone comes back onboard towards the end of the month. This is one thing that needed to happen now. And so I am happy that things are working as they should.

In the busyness of ship life I have not had much of a chance to take photos around the ship, but hopefully as we settle into a routine here I'll be able to take a walk around to show you all the progress that has been made since my last shipyard update.

Being back onboard is certainly a different experience from what I am used to. With the shipyard phase still in full swing, there is no air-conditioning and thus it is rather warm onboard. I am happy to have a fan blowing on me at nights! And with less crew onboard, the serving line at dinner is much shorter. However, there are more tangible positives that can be seen.

It is a blessing to see the progress being made before my very eyes. I see cables being fitted and connected for the last time. I see deckheads (ceilings) which have been exposed for the last few months being covered again. I see an empty shell of a vessel slowly coming back to life. And I see the delight on the faces of Sierra Leone's men, women, and children, as the Mercy Ship returns to West Africa to do that for which she was made. And I am thankful.

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