Monday, 19 December 2011

Arrival in Tema, Ghana!

After a five-day sail from Freetown, Sierra Leone, the M/V Africa Mercy pulled into the Port of Tema, Ghana, at midday last Thursday. (15th December) Our arrival went smoothly and it was great to see our Advance Team waiting for us on the dock with a big sign welcoming us to Ghana. We have a lovely dock on the main quay of the harbour - our area is fenced and allows us plenty of space to run or walk, or park our Land Rovers.

We are in Ghana for a little more than two weeks now and I've already done some exploring into Tema and the surrounding areas. There is a lovely mall just outside of Accra and it almost feels as if you're in South Africa when you walk around in it - so many South African retailers, like Shoprite, Mr Price, and Game! The road infrastructure is great too, and I think I'm really going to enjoy my short stay in Ghana!

The Tema pilot boat approaches.

Pilot clambers onboard...

... And the pilot boat heads back to port.

Approaching the breakwater.

Tema is one of the largest ports in the region, with a substantial container terminal.

Advance Team waiting on the dock.

Tug stands by to assist in docking procedures, if necessary.

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