Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas on the AFM...

Christmas on the Africa Mercy is a special time, and maybe more so than elsewhere. This is because we are here so that we may be Jesus to the world's forgotten poor, and we are all called to Mercy Ships to do exactly that - whether in the Dining Room or in the Operating Theatre. It's our common love that draws us here. And we are all part of a bigger picture - the Great Commission - to be Jesus to a fallen world.

Yes, we do have decorations and trees. But it's much more than that. It's about remembering the sacrifice God made of sending his Son to earth as a baby. It's about remembering all that He did for us on that cruel cross. And it's about being thankful. My prayer is that you experienced God's love this Christmas in a tangible way, and that you'll show that love to your friends and family and those around you throughout the coming year. God bless into 2012!

Here are some more photos of our Christmas here.

Door decorating is one of our Christmas traditions.

Candace's cabin door.

Christmas frosting on the ship shop windows.

Nativity scene near the ship shop.

Gifts outside cabin doors.

Christmas brunch buffet.

There was a large Africa Mercy gingerbread model...

Complete with swimming pool...

And name and port of registry on the stern!

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