Sunday, 18 December 2011

Bunkering at sea...

Last Tuesday (13th December) the Africa Mercy had her first experience of bunkering at sea. This happens when a tanker comes alongside the vessel on the open ocean and fuels at sea - as opposed to being refueled in a commercial port. It is a process that can be fraught with risk; not only to the vessels and crew involved, but to the environment too. Thankfully both the crews of the Africa Mercy and the Chemical Progress were professional and the process was incident-free.

The refueling was a pretty lengthy, overnight process, taking some 16 or so hours, but we were soon on our way again to Tema, Ghana!

The clear blue waters of the Atlantic as Africa Mercy awaits Chemical Progress.

The tanker approaches followed by a fishing vessel, also waiting to be fueled.

Chemical Progress.

The Bridge - note the little puppy!

Lines are made secure as the ships manoeuvre together.

Crew line the deck to watch proceedings.

Bow of Chemical Progress as seen from the Dining Room windows.

Propeller spins as the tanker departs.

Sailing away...

To refuel yet another waiting ship!

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