Monday, 14 May 2012

HSV-2 "Swift"

One of the US Navy's Military Sealift Command vessels, HSV-2 Swift (HSV = High Speed Vessel), docked in Togo over the weekend. She berthed directly behind the Africa Mercy and crew members had a lovely view of this sleek and super-cool ship as she entered the harbour. The Togo Navy were patrolling the waters of the port and there was even a US turboprop aeroplane providing aerial reconnaissance overhead. It was a very interesting afternoon as we watched our new neighbour come alongside the quay!

The HSV-2 Swift is no stranger to Mercy Ships. Back in 2008 this vessel docked in Monrovia and we had a cocktail party onboard. More on that here.

 Mercy Ships crew watch the Swift approach the dock.

 The small plane patrolling overhead.

 Swift moving towards the berth.

 Seriously cool-looking ship!

 Interesting little tank-boat passes our ship.

 The Bridge of the Swift.

Safely docked!

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