Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ocean Princess...

Last week another cruise ship, the Ocean Princess, docked in Lome, bringing many tourists from around the globe to invest in Togo's economy. She was sailing on her voyage from Cape Town to Dover, England. Tim and I walked over to their ship to invite their Captain and other interested passengers to a tour of our ship, but they unfortunately were working on a tight schedule and politely declined our offer.

This is the third cruise or expedition ship to dock here in the last six weeks or so, and certainly the largest. I know of only one cruise ship docking during our time here in 2010, the Seven Seas Voyager. Whether this increase in traffic is as a result of piracy along the Horn of Africa, I don't know, but I do know that these ships are certainly welcome here in Togo!

 The ship's sleek-looking funnel.

 The port side of the ship.

The aft of the vessel.

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J. G. Burdette said...

It's a nice looking ship. Enjoyed the photos!