Sunday, 6 May 2012

A tour of Lome's harbour...

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join one of our lifeboats during lifeboat training. The deck crew lowered the boat into the water and we then sped off across the waves and explored some of the Port Autonome de Lome. This port is a lot bigger than I originally thought, and there were many interesting canoes, boats, tugs and ships moored in the calm waters.

Here are some photos from our tour of Lome's harbour!

The lifeboats are ready to be launched!

Looking back at the falls and davits.

The hardworking tugs of Lome's port.

National Geographic Explorer was in port this day.

Another view of the Explorer.

Container cranes.

A small fleet of tugs moored in the harbour.

Looking towards the fishing village - and a semi-sunken canoe.

The tanker dock.

There is much work being done as the port is expanded.

 AFM at left and Explorer at right.

 Small cargo ship berthed in the port.

 Another small cargo vessel in the harbour.

Our lovely floating hospital!

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