Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Queen's Day 2012...

The great diversity of the Africa Mercy crew is one of the most enjoyable aspects of serving with Mercy Ships. Not only do you get to learn about many amazing cultures, but you also get to taste in the excitement and passion as different nation's celebrate holidays and events.

One of the most patriotic nationalities represented onboard the Mercy Ship are the Dutch. I can remember watching the Euro 2008 football tournament, and two years later the FIFA World Cup 2010, and seeing how the Netherlands crew would get dressed up in their orange colours and wave their flags in support of their team. This show of enthusiasm impressed me, being rather patriotic about my home country myself.

It was Queen's Day this past Monday (the 30th of April), and our Dutch crew celebrated this national holiday with many fun games and activities for the general crew. It was a lovely evening and made me appreciate our multicultural, multinational crew all the more! 

Crew members involved in the fun and games.

Town Square all kitted out for Queen's Day!

Decorations in the Dining Room.

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