Sunday, 5 August 2012

Evening drive...

Candace and I drove to a lovely little village this past Thursday. (2nd August.) We were meaning to go to the beach for a swim, but the weather was rather cool and so we drove past the beach at Las Teresitas, up a mountain pass, and ended up at Igueste de San Andres. Here are some photos of our drive. The scenery and views towards the beach were quite stunning.

 The beach at Las Teresitas.
 Little boats at anchor behind the breakwater.
 Looking back towards Santa Cruz.
 The view towards Igueste - it is nestled in one of those valleys.
Fish traps in the sea.
 The windy, mountain pass.
 The town of San Andres from the top of the pass.
Coming back down to Las Teresitas.

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