Sunday, 5 August 2012

Moving the AFM...

Up until this past Tuesday (31st July), the Africa Mercy was berthed all the way at the end of the cruise ship terminal in Tenerife. But we have now been moved down the dock and closer to town. The AFM needs to undergo an incline experiment in which the stability of the ship is tested. This cannot occur in a berth space where there is a lot of wave action - like where we were at the end of the dock. Hence the move. Although many of us are grateful for the move because it means a shorter walk into town!

 The two ferry companies that run between the islands - ARMAS and Fred Olsen.
 Pretty little village nestled between the hills.
 Port Authority building.
 Old lifeboats in front of the Port building.
 The Africa Mercy powers away from the dock.
 Small boats compete in a sailing regatta in the harbour.
 We cleared the breakwater...
 Before being pulled back into the harbour...
And shifted into our new position several hundred metres down the dock.
Port Authority flag flying along our dock's sea-facing wall.

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