Monday, 6 August 2012

Steamer "La Palma"...

There are many interesting sights to see around Santa Cruz's harbour. Candace and I walked over to one of these sights last Friday. (3rd August.) The little steamer La Palma was launched in 1912 and is celebrating its centenary this year. She is one of the oldest surviving vessels of her time.

 Starboard side view.
 The ship now serves as a mooring platform for the pilot boats.
 The port bow of the ship.
 Flag commemorating 100 years flies in the main mast...
As does this flag from the forward flag staff.
 AFM across the bay undergoes lifeboat testing.
Africa Mercy docked in Tenerife.
Nautical images painted on the wall near the La Palma...
Including a painting (appropriately so) of the La Palma...
As well as Captain Edward J. Smith of the Titanic. Scratching my head about this one.
Cute little lighthouse by the ferry terminal in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.