Monday, 13 August 2012

Loro Parque...

The entire Africa Mercy crew was treated by Mercy Ships to a day at Loro Parque, a large marine and wildlife park in Puerto de la Cruz, last Monday. (6th August.) This was due to the incline experiment that happened - surveyors and technical crew were testing the stability of the ship - and thus all other crew (five bus loads of us!) had to leave the ship for the day.

We reached Loro Parque at around 09h00 and spent a lovely day exploring the different areas. We watched the dolphin, orca, and seal shows, and also spent time wandering through the beautiful scenery. But soon enough it was time to leave, and so it was farewell to Loro Parque for this year. Here are some photos from our day.

 An inquisitive penguin.
 Time for the dolphin show!
 One dolphin tows the boat while the others jump behind.
 A dolphin leaps through a hoop.
 Next was the Orca show!
 Orca whales are massive creatures.
 The seal show was a highlight.
 They are really skilled!
 Jaguar cub.
 A meerkat smiles for the camera!
 African Spurred Tortoise.
 Galapagos Tortoise.
 Orchid display.

 Pretty colourful birds.
 Some form of pheasant.
 Another pretty bird.
 Flamingos in the park.
 Candace and I at the end of a long, fun day.

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