Friday, 8 March 2013

Beach exploring at Coffee Bay...

On one of our weekends in the Eastern Cape we explored the beach at Coffee Bay. It has a beautiful, sandy beach, with some amazing rock pools. If you ever get a chance to visit the Eastern Cape, make sure you visit the pretty beach at Coffee Bay!

 This rock pool looks like a big eye!
 Sea-weed growing in a rock pool.
 The red formations look like little volcanoes in this rock pool.
 This looks like a jacuzzi.
 Interesting rock formations.
 Spot the crab!
 Giant sea urchin!
 Hermit crab.
 Soil at the coast made out of crushed sea shells.
 Amazing rock patterns in the cliff.
 Candace makes a new friend.
 Big seas at Coffee Bay.
 Coffee Bay beach.
 High cliffs overlook the coast.

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