Monday, 11 March 2013

Now I can see!

The Zithulele Community Hall, just a short drive from the Hospital, was where the patients were housed before and after their cataract surgery. Here the patients had their eye patches removed the day after the surgery, as well as having an eye test to check the strength of their vision.

Candace and I had the privilege of watching people being able to see for the first time in many years. One man was so excited that he shook everyone's hand as he walked around the room, unassisted for the first time in three years! On the final morning of the outreach, another man - who could now see - led everyone in a time of worship and a prayer of thanksgiving. It was a very special moment!

 Zithulele Community Centre.
Patients wait to have their eye patches removed.
Checking the vision of a cataract patient.
 Patients and caregivers leave the Community Hall on the final morning of the outreach.

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