Thursday, 17 July 2014

AFM Complete...

After finishing the lifeboats and doing some touch-ups here and there, my Africa Mercy was finally finished a little over two months since work began on it. I decided that because it is far too large to take with us back to Indiana, I'd donate it to the local Mercy Ships office. Candace and I took it to Mercy Ships Southern Africa (MSSA) yesterday. It looks very nice in their large boardroom. :-)

One final photo shoot at home before taking it to MSSA.
Port side view.
The main gangway can be seen in this shot - stowed up on Deck 8.
View from above.
Size perspective. :-)
My Africa Mercy model in the MSSA boardroom.
Starboard side view.
The MSSA boardroom.
With Candace and my AFM model. :-) Thanks for following my model posts!

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