Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Man Overboard Boats and Rafts...

Here is a first glimpse of my Africa Mercy's emergency equipment. I'm starting with the rescue boats adn the life rafts. The Man Overboard (MOB) boats are deployed in case there is a man overboard, obviously. :-) They carry an outboard motor and can go really fast across calm seas if necessary. You can also see the six inflatable life rafts that the ship carries. Each raft is rated for a capacity of 35 persons. So in the rafts alone you could fit over 200 people. :-)

The rescue or Man Overboard boats taking shape.
The outboard motors in action as the little boats skim across my duvet. :-)
The davits for the MOB boats.
The MOB boats sitting in their supports.
 Three of the six life rafts.
MOB boat and life rafts in position on Deck 7.
View of the life rafts and MOB boats from above.

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