Saturday, 5 July 2014


Since I've finished most of the main structure of the Africa Mercy, it is now time to turn to some smaller details. I'm actually working on the lifeboats at the moment. I'm hoping to have the model finished by next Wednesday - when I fly to Johannesburg for my US visa interview the following day. But I'm turning attention back to a week and a half ago when I was working on mini-containers. :-)

The Mercy Ship carries several containers. They hold various medical supplies as well as general stores and other equipment. The Dive Team even have a container all the way forward on Deck 8 for their diving equipment. My little containers took me a full day to construct. I even used plastic sheeting to give the impression of the corrugated side of a container. Enjoy! :-)

Corrugated plastic sheeting comes in handy.
Boxes waiting to be converted into containers.
A small army of mini-containers!
Details of the container doors.
Container on starboard side of funnel.
Dive Team and other containers all the way forward on Deck 8.
Thank goodness there's a large crane there!

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