Wednesday, 9 July 2014

AFM Lifeboats...

The Africa Mercy carries two 50-man lifeboats and two 150-man lifeboats. This gives her a lifesaving capacity of 400 in the main boats, plus another 210 in the inflatable rafts. This gives a total of 610 people, which is much more than the Africa Mercy would ever carry. I was very pleased with how my model lifeboats turned out, hanging in their davits between decks 7 and 8. :-) My model is nearing completion!

One of the smaller 50-man lifeboats.
Forward davits in place for the smaller boats.
Boat 1 in position.
The davits being made for the larger 150-man boats.
The two larger covered lifeboats.
 Boat 3 in position.
Forward and aft lifeboats.
Forward view of my Africa Mercy.
Starboard side view of my almost-complete model! :-)

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