Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Odon Old Settlers...

The Old Settlers Festival is an annual event in Odon and commemorates the founding of the little town. This year the festival ran from the 5th August to the 9th August and celebrated Odon's 129th year. There was a parade and various other events held throughout the week. Candace took part in the craft exhibit and submitted a couple of items to be judged. Her jar of salsa won first place, and her beans came in second place in their respective categories. There were also plenty of carnival rides, live music, and food stalls. It was a lovely time and Candace and I enjoyed being there!

 The hall displaying various arts and crafts.
 Candace's salsa is on the left.
 Candace and her salsa. :-)
 Eagle made out of clothes pegs.
 Painted gourd.
 Giant slide.
Candace and her niece Layne at the bottom of the slide.
 Mini train.
Sunset over the house we're renting. :-)

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