Thursday, 28 August 2014

Indiana braai...

A traditional braai is a quintessential part of South African culture. It is similar to a cookout or a barbeque here in America, but one of the chief differences is that guests will bring their own meat and drinks to a braai - hence the term 'a bring and braai'. The hosts will usually supply some salad or vegetable dish. There is normally one person in charge of attending to the fire and cooking the meat, while others may stand around talking about sports or politics or other topics under the sun. I'm starting to sound like a Wikipedia entry here! 

Anyway, Candace and I had a braai a few weeks ago on a hot Sunday afternoon. We cooked steak, mielies (corn), potatoes and onions in foil (sitting on the coals), and cheese and tomato sandwiches too. Although we've been too busy to braai since then, I'm sure there will be more braais in the future!

 Assembling my little braai.
 Ready to start burning.
 Waiting for the fire to burn down.
 The potatoes and onions wrapped in foil on the fire.
 Meat and sandwiches ready to go on the braai grid.
 Candace takes the husks off the mielies or corn.
 Food on the braai. Hmm, yum! :-)

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