Saturday, 16 August 2014

Arrival in Odon...

Candace and I left the Fort Wayne area early on Sunday, 27th July, and drove the four hours south-west down to Odon. Thanks must go to Candace's uncle and aunt, Richard and Clara, who housed us during our three nights there. We arrived at lunchtime to see lovely meat and vegetable sosaties (skewers, shish-kebabs) on a charcoal fire. There were also many signs welcoming us to our new home. :-)

 Richard and Clara's house near Grabill, Indiana.
 Welcome home signs in the grass as we drive up the road.
 Another sign by the front door.
 Candace's parents' house.
 Sosaties or kebabs on the coals.
 Sign in the front door.
 Inside the house.
And there you have it! :-)

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