Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Snow and frozen trees...

We had out first major snow fall of the winter on the night of February 15th. We did have some snow back in November but this was far more substantial and, mixed with the positively icy temperatures, has stayed much longer. We have also had more snow, sleet and freezing rain over the past two weeks, and this has caused some challenging driving conditions. Here are some photos taken on Monday and Tuesday, February 16th and 17th.

 Snow covers the frozen pond.
 Our driveway has disappeared...
 As has the road!
 The back road is also completely covered.
 Rolling hills blanketed with thick snow.
 Pretty tree next-door.
 Snow covers the pathway to the porch.
 Snow and ice overhang the gutter.
 The next morning there was ice clinging to every tree!
 View in the front garden.
 Icy bush.
 Ice-covered tree in the back garden.
 View of our place in the snow.
Rusty has a snow-beard! :)

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