Monday, 31 August 2015

Flying over Oregon...

After leaving Portland on Sunday, 21st June, we drove south to Albany and stayed with Candace's family for three nights. One of the highlights was being flown above the valley by Candace's cousin Jess. The family own a plane and we went flying on Monday, 22nd June. We flew over Lebanon, Sweet Home, Cascadia, and Albany. It was awesome seeing the beautiful scenery and places rich with family history from the air!

 The hangar at Lebanon State Airport.
 Jess filling up the Cessna 170B.
 Candace and I in the plane.
 Taking off from Lebanon State Airport.
 Willamette Speedway to the right as we climb away from Lebanon.
 Following the South Santiam River.
 View down towards the cemetery at Sweet Home - where Candace's great-grandma and great-grandpa are buried. Also note the other aeroplane far below us.
 Flying over Foster Lake.
 Heading towards Cascadia - where Candace's mom was raised.
 Over Cascadia.
 The Short Covered Bridge at Cascadia.
 Flying back towards Albany.
 Sawmill and Foster Lake to the right. Candace's grandpa worked at many sawmills in the area.
 Back in the clouds.
 Heading over the 1-5 highway. This is the view to the north towards Albany.
 Flying above the Willamette River.
 Buzzing low over the river.
 Combine harvesters working in the fields.
 View towards Jess's home near Albany.
 Jess's landing strip and home.
 Buzzing over one of the local landing strips.
 Another view of Jess's home.
 Heading back towards Lebanon.
 Banking to make our approach into Lebanon State Airport.
 Approaching the runway.
Information sign at Lebanon State Airport.

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